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Historias Minimas
In the otherworldly expanses of Southern Patagonia, daybreak reaches the charming village of Fitz Roy with a few surprises in stow. "Multicolored Casino," the popular game show televised out of the provincial capital San Julian, has selected Fitz Roy's own Maria Flores as the next contestant to appear on its live telecast. On the other side of the town, Don Justo, proprietor of Fitz Roy's popular grocery store, California, has just discovered that his long-lost friend Badface has surfaced, alive and well, in San Julian. And, finally, Fitz Roy's favorite traveling salesman, Roberto, who hits a slight snafu in his quest to impress his most beloved customer, is on the verge of reaching San Julian himself, where the woman of his dream awaits. About a day's journey from Fitz Roy, nothing is going to stop Maria, Don Justo or Roberto from reaching San Julian, where Maria has been promised fame, Robert foresees love and Don Justo seeks redemption. But, getting there is no small task. With her little baby in tow, Maria decides to hop on the bus, a little nervous about the journey ahead, but unwilling to let her chance to star on "Multicolored Casino" slip away. For Don Justo, the journey to be reunited with his old friend promises to be even more challenging, as he hits the road, thumb raised, trusting that the truckers he's met through the years will stop to offer him a lift. In Roberto's case, getting to San Julian isn't the problem--it's getting there by surprise, with a heartwarming gift that he hopes will make a favorable impression on his secret love. Rated No Rating .
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Running time: 1hr 34min
Opens: Jan 01, 2002 Sundance '03
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