Movies: Bones
Action/Adventure, Horror
Four kids move into a mysterious, decrepit building in a bad part of town to open a dance club. Twenty years ago, the house belonged to Jimmy Bones, a legendary protector and patron of the neighborhood when it was a thriving community. As the kids experience a series of strange and unexplainably terrifying events, they uncover an awful truth--Bones was betrayed and murdered by those closest to him. Now his spirit will haunt them and hunt them down as he seeks retribution for his death. Rated R for violence, gore, language, sexuality and drugs.
Cast: Pam Grier, Snoop Dogg, Bianca Lawson, Michael T Weiss, Khalil Kain
Produced by: Lloyd Segan, Rupert Harvey, Peter Heller
Directed by: Ernest R. Dickerson
Written by: Adam Simon, Tim Metcalfe
Running time: 1hr 33min
Opens: Oct 24, 2001 Nationwide
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