Movies: The Afterlight
The Afterlight
A young couple moves to an abandoned schoolhouse. Hoping for new beginnings, their lives are instead drawn toward dark and unforeseen ends. In a desolate stretch of farm country, a young couple attempts to leave their complicated past behind in hopes of starting a new life. Andrew and Claire find themselves far from their roots. They move into an old schoolhouse that sits on the edge of a farm inhabited by an elderly widow and her blind niece, Maria. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Rip Torn, Michael Kelly, Ana Asensio, Jicky Schnee, Morgan Taddeo
Produced by:
Directed by: Craig Macneill, Alexei Kaleina
Written by: Craig Macneill, Alexei Kaleina
Running time: 1hr 27min
Opens: Sep 10, 2011 NY
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