Movies: The Method (El metodo)
The Method (El metodo)
Seven candidates compete for an executive position at a multinational company. While the streets of Madrid are filled with anti-globalization demonstrators, candidates are assembled to be put through the final selection process for a single high-level position at a multinational corporation. From the outset, there is a palpably tense, competitive atmosphere among the group. Feelings of distrust increase when they realize they are aspiring for the same position, and that the Gronholm Method (a human resources strategy supposedly imported from the United States) is being used to assess their respective merits. They find themselves pitted against one another in a contest that elicits fear, suspicion, paranoia and betrayal. The humiliation these people are willing to endure or inflict on others for the sake of the job is chilling to witness. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Eduardo Noriega, Ernesto Alterio, Pablo Echarri, Najwa Nimri, Eduard Fernández
Produced by:
Directed by: Marcelo Pineyro
Written by: Mateo Gil
Running time: 1hr 55min
Opens: Jul 06, 2007 NY
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