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To purchase an engagement, wedding or anniversary announcement in The Island Packet or The Beaufort Gazette, email  or , or click on the relevant submission form below:

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The cost of your announcement will depend primarily on its length. Color photographs will accompany paid announcements. The Packet and Gazette also offer free announcements that include more limited information about the couple and the occasion. If you'd like your announcement to appear on a specific Sunday, please contact the papers at least two weeks beforehand.

Celebrations packages - complete with samples and more information about pricing and how to prepare your announcement - are available at The Island Packet, 10 Buck Island Road, Bluffton; or The Beaufort Gazette, 1809 Boundary St., Beaufort.

Movies: The Journals of Knud Rasmussen
The Journals of Knud Rasmussen
An epic tragedy set in and around Igloolik in the 1920s, as the last great Inuit shaman and his beautiful and headstrong daughter struggle to survive the sweep of civilization that brought Christianity and commerce to the arctic and irrevocably changed Inuit life. Witnesses to their story are Danish ethnographer and explorer Knud Rasmussen and his traveling companions Therkel Mathiassen and Peter Freuchen. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Jakob Cedergren, Sofie Danielsen, Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq, Kim Bodnia, Leah Angutimarik
Produced by: Zacharias Kunuk, Vibeke Vogel, Elise Lund Larsen
Directed by: Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn
Written by: Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn
Running time: 1hr 52min
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