Movies: Flyboys (2006)
Flyboys (2006)
War, Action/Adventure, Drama
"Flyboys" tells the story of young Americans who, before the U.S. entered WWI, volunteered for the French military and became the country's first fighter pilots. Fighting a war that wasn't theirs, these young, naive adventure-seekers learned the true meaning of love, brotherhood, heroism, courage and tolerance and, in return, gained a true reason to risk their lives. Rated PG-13 for war action violence and some sexual content.
Cast: Martin Henderson, James Franco, Jean Reno, Jennifer Decker, David Ellison
Produced by: David Brown, Dean Devlin, Marc Frydman
Directed by: Tony Bill
Written by: David S. Ward, Phil Sears, Blake T Evans
Running time: 2hr 19min
Opens: Sep 22, 2006 Nationwide
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