Movies: Eleven Men Out (Strakarnir okkar)
Eleven Men Out (Strakarnir okkar)
Ottar Thor is a champion soccer star, handsome and arrogant, who after winning a game casually tells a journalist he's gay. Imagine the surprise to his wife, a former Miss Iceland, his teenage son, already sullen and troubled, and his father, Thor's macho coach. Much to the chagrin of his family, Ottar exchanges one sort of domesticity for another. After choosing a same-sex partner, he is kicked off the championship team where players are presumably straight. But, once a player, always a player, and Ottar accepts a spot on a team in a basement soccer league that gay sportsmen from all over Iceland soon insist on joining. Rated R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language.
Cast: Porsteinn Backmann, Lilja Nott Porarinsdottir, Helgi Bjornsson, Arnaldur Ernst, Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson
Produced by: Júlíus Kemp, Ingvar Þórðarson
Directed by: Robert I. Douglas
Written by: Robert I. Douglas, Jon Atli Jonason
Running time: 1hr 25min
Opens: Nov 16, 2007 LA
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