Movies: A Drummer's Dream
A Drummer's Dream
A rare and unique assembly of some of the greatest drummers in the world. Explosive talent, passion, humor and irresistible personality come together in a magical setting when seven diverse drummers create a profound and unforgettable experience with forty students. Featuring Dennis Chambers, Kenwood Dennard, Horacio "El-Negro" Hernandez, Giovanni Hidalgo, Mike Mangini,Raul Rekow, and Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr, the film engages us with music styles and influences that are as dynamic as the performers themselves. Masters of rock, jazz, Latin fusion and soul, these drummers have backed the likes of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Carlos Santana - and now each other. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Mike Mangini, Kenwood Dennard, Giovanni Hidalgo, Horacio "El-Negro" Hernandez, Dennis Chambers
Produced by:
Directed by: John Walker
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 24min
Opens: Mar 07, 2012 Boston
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