Movies: Blank City
Blank City
Today, Manhattan is a byword for overpriced property, overexposed landmarks and overdressed fashionistas. In the late 70s, however, it was rat-infested, crime-crippled, cheap and nasty -- somewhere for America to dump its immigrants, poor people and artists. Music, art, fashion and filmmaking burgeoned, fuelled by drugs, dares, fads, feuds, and a fair helping of madness. Debbie Harry, Jim Jarmusch, Steve Buscemi and a host of counter-culture stars recount the tales. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Steve Buscemi, Jim Jarmusch, John Waters, Debbie Harry, Beth B, James Nares
Produced by:
Directed by: Celine Danhier
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 34min
Opens: Apr 06, 2011 NY
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