Movies: I Am Number Four
I Am Number Four
Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller
Three are dead. He is Number Four. D.J. Caruso helms an action-packed thriller about an extraordinary young man, John Smith, who is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri, John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events-his first love, powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and for brief language.
Cast: Alex Pettyfer
Produced by: Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay
Directed by: D.J. Caruso
Written by: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Running time: 1hr 44min
Opens: Feb 18, 2011 Nationwide
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