Movies: The Last Atomic Bomb
The Last Atomic Bomb
Robert Richter's social activist documentary The Last Atomic Bomb revolves around the experiences of Sakoe Shimohira. A Nagasaki indigene present at the United States' nuclear bombing of that city in 1945, Shimohira survived the blast by holing up in a bomb shelter when the payload fell. She felt instant rage over the actions of the U.S., and has devoted recent years to protesting contemporary nuclear proliferation. Richter and co. tell Shimohira's terrifying story by blending extraordinarily rare archival footage with current recollections by Shimohira and others, such as survivor Koichi Wada. The filmmakers then follow Shimohira and two coeds as the activists travel the world, delivering letters of anti-nuclear protest to President George W. Bush, President Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister Tony Blair, and others. Richter interweaves this story with bracing, potent explorations of hot-button issues such as 21st century nuclear buildup by Korea and other countries, cover-ups by the American and Japanese governments about the effects of the 1945 fallout, prejudice by younger generations of Japanese people against survivors of the 1945 attacks, and many other related subtopics.~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
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Directed by: Robert Richter
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