Movies: Aasal - The Power of Silence
Aasal - The Power of Silence
Greed as an underlying force strains a family-run conglomerate and the shadow it casts threatens to engulf everything in its path. Opportunists and mayhem mongers seem to be cropping out of nowhere to take advantage of this dangerous situation. As evil looms large, there is Shiva, a lone force standing tall and facing down this overwhelming threat. Not sure who to trust, Shiva tries to stay a step ahead of imminent death that nips at his heels. Intrigue, suspense, love, betrayal are all spun into a tight web in this action filled adventure "Aasal." Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sameera Reddy, Ajith
Produced by: Prabhu Ganesan, Ramkumar Ganesan
Directed by: Saran
Written by:
Running time: 2hr 2min
Opens: Feb 05, 2010 Limited
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