Movies: Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Welcome to the Melbourne underworld. It's the Wild West, played out on the city's streets. Armed robber Pope Cody is on the run from a gang of renegade detectives who want him dead. His business partner and best friend, Barry "Baz" Brown. wants out of the game. Pope's younger brotherCraig Cody is making a fortune in the illicit substances trade, whilst the youngest Cody brother, Darren, naively navigates his way through this criminal world -- the only world his family has ever known. And into this world arrives their nephew, Joshua "J" Cody, who comes to believe that he is a player in this world. But, as he soon discovers, this world is far larger and more menacing than he could ever imagine. Rated R for vioence, drug content and pervasive language.
Cast: Guy Pearce, Luke Ford, Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Jacki Weaver
Produced by: Liz Watts
Directed by: David Michôd
Written by: David Michôd
Running time: 1hr 52min
Opens: Aug 13, 2010 NY/LA
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