Movies: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Two friends on vacation at their dilapidated mountain house are mistaken for murderous backwoods hillbillies by a group of spring-breakers. When one of the students gets separated from her friends, the boys try to lend a hand, but as the misunderstanding grows, so does the body count. When Dale shelves his phobia of the opposite sex to rescue one of the college co-eds, Allison (Katrina Bowden), from drowning, all her friends mistake him for a bearded psychopath hauling their friend away to a shack in the middle of the woods. In trying to rescue their friend, the college co-eds continually off themselves one by one and Tucker and Dale try to figure out why these college kids are killing themselves all over Tucker's property! Rated No Rating .
Cast: Alan Tudyk, Jesse Moss, Katrina Bowen, Tyler Labine
Produced by: Deepak Nayar, Rosanne Milliken, Morgan Jurgenson, Albert Klychak
Directed by: Eli Craig
Written by: Eli Craig, Morgan Jurgenson
Running time: 1hr 26min
Opens: Sep 30, 2011 Limited
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