Movies: One Peace at a Time
One Peace at a Time
Sprinkled with music from Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson and Willie Nelson, One Peace at a Time lyrically weaves a tapestry through 20 countries and is as magical as it is informative. Activist Turk Pipkin continues his global journey of knowledge in action with a goal to create a virtual roadmap to a better future by focusing on specific solutions in these troubled times. Join Pipkin as he chronicles the model Indian orphanages of The Miracle Foundation, family planning initiatives with Thailand's Mechai Viravaidya, Ethiopian water projects with A Glimmer of Hope, and Architecture for Humanity's global design challenge for communities in need in the Himalayas, the Amazon and the slums of Nairobi. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sugata Mitra, Mechai Viravaidya, Donna Berber, Philip Berber, Caroline Boudreaux
Produced by: Matt Naylor, Christy Ellinger Pipkin, The Nobelity Project
Directed by: Turk Pipkin
Written by: Turk Pipkin
Running time: 1hr 23min
Opens: Dec 04, 2009 Austin
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