Movies: The Oblong Box
The Oblong Box
When Sir Edward Markham (Alastair Williamson) is horribly disfigured by African natives, he is kept chained and out of sight by his brother Julian (Vincent Price). When Sir Edward escapes, he goes on a killing spree in a desperate attempt to get even with the society that has made him a monstrous outcast. Julian enlists the help of African witch doctor N'Galo (Harry Baird) for medicine to make Sir Edward appear dead so he can be evicted from the house. Dr. Neuhardt (Christopher Lee) attempts to help the hideous human. There are plenty of female corpses around to drip rivers of fresh, hot blood in this feature, the 13th Edgar Allan Poe story in which Price has appeared.~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Sally Geeson, Uta Levka, Rupert Davies
Produced by: Gordon Hessler
Directed by: Gordon Hessler
Written by: Edgar Allen Poe, Lawrence Huntington
Running time: 1hr 31min
Opens: Jun 11, 1969
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