Movies: Effing Brutal: The Full Motion Video Graphic Novel
Effing Brutal: The Full Motion Video Graphic Novel
Cover your crotch as we dive into the strange and oft disturbing sub-culture of cross-dressing urban cults and un-heroes. Set in Seattle, "Effing Brutal" tells the story of Josh, a transvestite-in-denial, who believes he's Tori Amos. Josh and his chronically bleeding Kung-Fu sidekick Larry inadvertently join a transvestite cult known as the "Strict Nine." At war with the Strict Nine are a violent skateboarder cult known only as the V.O.T.S. (or: Victims Of The System) who are obsessed with heavy-metal guitarist Chris Impellitteri. In the midst of this alt-cult war, Josh is kidnapped by the V.O.T.S., and in order to rescue him, Larry must call upon the unlikeliest team of superheroes on Earth: TEAM BRUTAL! Rated No Rating .
Cast: Brian Jones, Robert N. DeVoe, Rebecca Pauline Johnson, Joe Gaudet, Felicia Banegas
Produced by: Brian Labrecque
Directed by: Brian Labrecque
Written by: Brian Labrecque
Running time: 1hr 50min
Opens: Sep 11, 2009 Limited
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