Movies: Passion of Love (Passione d'amore)
Passion of Love (Passione d'amore)
Drama, Romance
Professional soldier Bernard Giraudeau is enmeshed in an affair with the beautiful but very much married Laura Antonelli. Transferred to a remote outpost, Giraudeau discovers to his chagrin that the only woman in the region (Valeria D'Obici) is about as appealing as a plate of pickles. Even so, Giraudeau falls madly in love with the woman, utterly forgetting Antonelli. He also forgets that he's a human being at fade-out time, metamorphosing into an epileptic bear! Perhaps Passion of Love made more sense in its original French-language version, Passione D'Amore.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Massimo Girotti, Bernard Giraudeau, Valeria D'Obici, Laura Antonelli
Produced by: Franco Committeri
Directed by: Ettore Scola
Written by: Ruggero Maccari, Ettore Scola
Running time: 1hr 59min
Opens: Jan 01, 1981
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