Movies: Shout at the Devil
Shout at the Devil
War, Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller
Peter R. Hunt directed this World War I action-adventure, based upon the novel by Wilbur Smith. Roger Moore and Lee Marvin team up as Sebastian, a witty and cosmopolitan Englishman, and Flynn O'Flynn, a boozy and ornery Irish American, who decide to blow up a German battleship that has been hidden away for repairs in Southeast Africa. Helping the two in their quest to sink the battleship is Sebastian's wife Rosa (Barbara Parkins), who has her own reasons for seeing the ship is destroyed -- the Germans took the life of her only child.~ Paul Brenner, All Movie Guide Rated PG .
Cast: Roger Moore, Lee Marvin, Ian Holm, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Barbara Parkins
Produced by: Michael Klinger
Directed by: Peter R. Hunt
Written by: Stanley Price, Alastair Reid, Wilbur Smith
Running time: 2hr 30min
Opens: Nov 24, 1976 NY
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