Movies: Orgies and the Meaning of Life
Orgies and the Meaning of Life
"Orgies and the Meaning of Life" is an eccentric and exciting film illuminating the inner and outer life of Baxter Goode, a man trying to find an ending to his book (about a sex obsessed stick figure searching for a portal to the three dimensional world) even as his father, a best selling Christian author, tries to stop him. His life is further complicated by his search for the "one", a woman he is sure will liberate him from his long addiction to orgy fantasies. Both of these pursuits are somehow connected to God, who may or may not be a stick figure, and Baxter's lesbian roommate, who may or may not be imaginary. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Peter Stormare, Houston King, Lindsay Wray, Brad T. Gottfred
Produced by: Peter Stormare, Lindsay Wray, Jessica Brody
Directed by: Brad T. Gottfred
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 22min
Opens: Aug 28, 2009 NY
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