Movies: The Graves
The Graves
Two inseparable sisters, Megan and Abby Graves, are taking one last wild road trip before Megan has to start a new job. The journey includes a trip through remote Arizona in search of a kitchy roadside attraction. Instead, Megan and Abby happen on Skull City Mine, a weather-beaten, abandoned mine town converted into a self-guided tour. What seems like a fun day in the sun turns into a mind-bending fight for survival against menaces both human and supernatural. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, Jillian Murray, Clare Grant, D. Randall Blythe
Produced by: Brian Ronalds, Francisca Pulido, Dean Ronalds
Directed by: Brian Pulido
Written by: Brian Pulido
Running time: min
Opens: Jan 29, 2010 Limited
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