Movies: Reel Zombies
Reel Zombies
Action/Adventure, Horror, Comedy
A group of independent zombie filmmakers sets about completing their living dead trilogy, using the real zombies that have taken over much of the world. As they work on their masterpiece they discover that shooting in a post-apocalyptic world offers many more challenges than those they faced on the first two films. An inspirational mockumentary and a satirical commentary on the contemporary obsession with 'reality' filmmaking, Reel Zombies is the most strikingly clever zombie movie of the last few years. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sam Hall, Mike Masters, Paul Fler, David J. Francis, Stephen Papadimitriou
Produced by: Mike Masters, David J. Francis, Stephen Papadimitriou
Directed by: Mike Masters, David J. Francis
Written by: Mike Masters
Running time: 1hr 37min
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