Movies: Ghosted
The sudden and unexplained death of her Taiwanese lover, Ai-ling, throws Hamburg artist Sophie Schmitt totally off balance. When she travels to Taipei to exhibit a video installation dedicated to Ai-ling, Sophie is approached by a pushy journalist, Mei-li. This unfamiliar female eagerly tries to seduce her, but Sophie rejects her and returns to Hamburg. Shortly thereafter, Mei-li shows up at Sophie's home and this time Sophie falls for her charm. However, she soon discovers that Mei-li is secretly investigating Ai-ling's death. She also finds out that Mei-Li neither works for a Taiwanese newspaper, nor has she entered Germany legally. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Ting Ting Hu, Inga Busch, Marek Harloff, Huan-Ru Ke, Jana Schulz
Produced by:
Directed by: Monika Treut
Written by: Monika Treut, Astrid Ströher
Running time: 1hr 29min
Opens: Jul 31, 2009 NY
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