Movies: Until the Light Takes Us
Until the Light Takes Us
"Until The Light Takes Us" tells the story of black metal. Part music scene and part cultural uprising, black metal rose to worldwide notoriety in the mid-nineties when a rash of suicides, murders, and church burnings accompanied the explosive artistic growth and output of a music scene that would forever redefine what heavy metal is and what it stands for to other musicians, artists and music fans world-wide. The film goes behind the highly sensationalized media reports of "Satanists running amok in Europe" to examine the complex and largely misunderstood principles and beliefs that led to this rebellion against both Christianity and modern culture. To capture this on film, directors Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell moved to Norway and lived with the musicians for several years, building relationships that allowed them to create a surprisingly intimate portrait of this violent, but ultimately misunderstood, movement. The result is a poignant, moving story that's as much about the idea that reality is composed of whatever the most people believe, regardless of what's actually true, as it is about a music scene that blazed a path of murder and arson across the northern sky. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Harmony Korine, Fenriz, Hellhammer, Varg Vikernes
Produced by: Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites
Directed by: Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 33min
Opens: Nov 20, 2009 Austin
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