Movies: Drift (2001)
Drift (2001)
Drama, Romance
The sharp edges of a gay love triangle that develops between a young screenwriter named Ryan, his boyfriend Joel, and a college student/aspiring novelist named Leo. Ryan becomes infatuated with Leo, believing he found someone who can understand his goals and professional passions. This news would obviously not be welcomed by Joel, who has been in a three-year relationship with Ryan. Further complicating matters is the fact Ryan is still very much in love with Joel. One fateful morning, Ryan leaves Joel at their apartment... and the tale then drifts into three different possibilities regarding how this triangular dilemma could be resolved. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Reggie Lee, Desi del Valle, Max von Thun, Jonathon Roessler, Greyson Dayne
Produced by: Quentin Lee, Bella Yurkovetsky
Directed by: Quentin Lee, Maurus vom Scheidt
Written by: Quentin Lee, Maurus vom Scheidt
Running time: min
Opens: Jan 01, 2001 Limited
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