Movies: Goose on the Loose!
Goose on the Loose!
Family, Comedy
Randall the Goose is out on a summer date with his lifelong love Etta when he is suddenly snatched by Congreve Maddox, a gourmet cook and principal of Willow Springs Elementary, who wants to make Randall his trophy prize in a culinary contest. But Congreve meets his match in his next-door neighbors, a young boy Will and his precocious sister Emily. Will, who hasn't talked since his mother died, befriends Randall, who helps him regain his voice. Randall is no ordinary goose. He's a flatulent, wise-talking, and rebellious bird that understands the boy, and the two become fast buddies. When Randall realizes that Congreve Maddox is fattening him up in preparation for a prestigious cooking competition, he begs Will to save him. The boy hatches a plan with his sister, his dad, his beautiful schoolteacher and even Congreve's mother, all joining forces to save Randall. Rated PG for some rude humor and mild language..
Cast: James Purefoy, Chevy Chase, Tom Arnold, Joan Plowright, Kari Matchett
Produced by: Alex Brown, Colin Neale, Wendy Hill-Tout
Directed by: Nicholas Kendall
Written by: Charles Dennis
Running time: 1hr 27min
Opens: Aug 21, 2009 Nationwide
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