Movies: Peter and Vandy
Peter and Vandy
Drama, Romance
"Peter and Vandy" is a love story told out of order. Set in Manhattan, Peter and Vandy go from strangers, to pie-eyed lovers, to a twisted and manipulative couple... just not in that order. They leave us asking what most couples ask themselves, "How the hell did we get this way?" We see Peter and Vandy through everyday scenes in their life together. Trying to have sex; meeting for the first time; having dinner; small, seemingly disconnected moments, but moments we all recognize. These moments are what we are comprised of. Ordering food. Picking a movie. In these moments we see who people really are. Peter and Vandy, like a lot of couples, don't always know why they stay together, or why they are the way they are. But, because we see things out of sequence, we do. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Jesse L. Martin, Tracie Thoms, Jess Weixler, Jason Ritter, Noah Bean
Produced by:
Directed by: Jay DiPietro
Written by: Jay DiPietro
Running time: 1hr 20min
Opens: Oct 09, 2009 NY/LA
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