Movies: Piccadilly Cowboy
Piccadilly Cowboy
A Montana Cowboy, named Carson Wells, is unmarried and living abroad in London. He works for a high-powered beef company and is dating a beautiful, British girl, named Lucy. When he asks Lucy's grandfather, Mr. Armstrong, for her hand in marriage, his request is denied--at least until he finds a husband for Lucy's older sister, Gemma. As he attempts to find a potential mate for Gemma, his life changes forever. He discovers true love and resolves issues in his own personal life. Rated PG for brief violence.
Cast: Gwyneth Powell, Sophie Shaw, Kate Foster-Barnes, Tom Butcher, Jaelan Petrie
Produced by: Tyler Ford, Jaelan Petrie
Directed by: Tyler Ford
Written by: Scott Brown, Tyler Ford
Running time: 1hr 40min
Opens: Mar 23, 2007 Limited
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