Movies: After Dark Horrorfest: Voices
After Dark Horrorfest: Voices
Horror, Suspense/Thriller
On a day that should be filled with joy and laughter, a wedding party bears witness to a shocking act of violence. For no apparent reason, the groom throws his bride from a high balcony, setting into motion a macabre chain of events. Overnight, brutal murders become everyday occurrences as friends turn on friends, brothers turn on sisters, and husbands turns on wives. When the notion of a "normal day" becomes a thing of the past and blood is a common sight, only one question remains: Where will you hide? Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, and some language.
Cast: Ki-woo Lee, Nae-sang Ahn, Yu-seon Ham, Gi-woong Park, Jin-see Yun
Produced by: Moo Ryung Kim
Directed by: Ki-hwan Oh
Written by: Lee Hyo-Chul, Ki-hwan Oh, Kang Kyung-ok, Lee Shin-ae
Running time: 1hr 25min
Opens: Jan 09, 2009 Limited
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