Movies: After Dark Horrorfest: Dying Breed
After Dark Horrorfest: Dying Breed
Convinced that Tasmanian tigers still exist deep in the impenetrable forest of Western Tasmania, zoologist Nina puts together a small expedition, consisting of herself, her partner, Matt, their financier, Jack, and his girlfriend, Rebecca. Their quest leads them deep into isolated territory which is now inhabited by the descendants of Alexander Pearce (aka The Pieman). During the 1800s, Pearce escaped from the British penal settlement at Sarah Island with seven other convicts and disappeared in the forests of West Tasmania. Only Pearce emerged--along with chunks of human flesh in his pockets. He was hanged for cannibalism in 1824. The small town of "Sarah" in Western Tasmania passionately upholds its cannibalistic heritage in honor of the convict patriarch that gave birth to it. It needs to stay hidden to survive--but it also needs fresh "stock" to breed. When the four tiger hunters arrive, they become the hunted. Rated R for bloody violent content, language and some sexuality.
Cast: Bille Brown, Sally McDonald, Peter Docker, Elaine Hudson, Mirrah Foulkes
Produced by: Michael Boughen
Directed by: Jody Dwyer
Written by: Michael Boughen, Jody Dwyer
Running time: 1hr 32min
Opens: Jan 09, 2009 Limited
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