Movies: OSS 117: Lost in Rio (OSS 117: Rio ne repond plus)
OSS 117: Lost in Rio (OSS 117: Rio ne repond plus)
Twelve years after Cairo, OSS 117 is back on a new mission at the other end of the world. As he tracks down a microfilm that is compromising for the French State, France's most famous secret agent will have to team up with the Mossad's most seductive lieutenant-colonel in order to capture a Nazi blackmailer. From Rio´s sunny beaches to luxuriant Amazonian forests, from the depths of secret grottos to the top of Corcovado's Christ, a new adventure is about to begin. Whatever the danger, whatever the stakes, you can always count on Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath to find a way out Rated No Rating .
Cast: Louise Monot, Jean Dujardin, Michel Aumont, Laurent Larrieu, Gregory Loffredo
Produced by:
Directed by: Michel Hazanavicius
Written by: Jean Bruce, Jean-François Halin
Running time: 1hr 41min
Opens: May 07, 2010 Limited
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