Movies: Bliss (Mutluluk)
Bliss (Mutluluk)
When 17-year-old Meryem is found disheveled and unconscious by the side of a lake in the countryside, her family believes the worst -- that her chastity has been lost. They turn to the ancient principle of "tore," a strict moral code that condemns Meryem to death. The duty of upholding the family's honor falls upon a distant cousin, Cemal, who has just completed a brutal tour in the military. Together they embark on a surprising journey across traditional and modern-day Turkey. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Özgü Namal, Emin Gursoy, Talat Bulut, Mustafa Avkiran, Murat Han, Özgü Namal
Produced by: Abdullah Oguz
Directed by: Abdullah Oguz
Written by: Elif Ayan, Zülfü Livaneli
Running time: 1hr 45min
Opens: Aug 07, 2009 NY
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