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Join filmmaker J.B. Rutagarama as he travels back to his homeland in search of the family he lost during the devastating act of genocide that swept across the East-Central African nation. The very fact that Rutagarama escaped Rwanda alive was nothing less than a miracle. Now, as the filmmaker travels back to the place that would forever alter the course of his life, his quest to locate his long-lost family is told through a heartbreaking mixture of historical footage and elusive memories that combine to offer a decidedly personal perspective of one of the greatest atrocities of the modern era. With old friends reunited and a twisting story that will keep viewers guessing until the very end, Rutagarama crafts a unique and moving documentary experience that is at once blindingly beautiful and unforgettably tragic.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Produced by: J.B. Rutagarama
Directed by: J.B. Rutagarama
Written by: J.B. Rutagarama
Running time: 1hr 12min
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