Movies: Addictions and Subtractions (Sumas y Restas)
Addictions and Subtractions (Sumas y Restas)
A middle-class engineer, married and from a good family, Santiago has serious money problems. A childhood friend introduces him to the garage-owning, cocaine smuggling Gerardo. Fascinated by the atmosphere of decadent parties, drugs and easy women, Santiago is caught up in whirlpool of easy money, drug traffickers and hired hitmen. But his family and professional situation deteriorate as he becomes the slave of the violent spiral of crime with no way out. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Fabio Restrepo, Maria Isabel Gaviria, Ana Maria Naranjo, Fredy York Monsalve, Alonso Arias
Produced by: Andrew Molina, Fernando Mejias
Directed by: Víctor Gaviria
Written by: Víctor Gaviria, Hugo Restrepo
Running time: 1hr 48min
Opens: Jan 23, 2004 Limited
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