Movies: Hope
Set in India and United States, "Hope" is a story of human pain and potential. It explores the power of love and the love of power in the context of a dilemma. In this wildly original saga, two men lead vastly different lives until revenge causes their worlds to intersect with devastating results. Hope in vitro is an enthralling medical drama with the ultimate mission of challenging readers to examine their own attitudes toward embryonic stem cell research. Coauthors Shelley Chawla, M.D., and Dianne Wilson break new ground in conveying the complexity of bioethical issues while sharing raw, often tender, accounts of patients and families suffering under the burden of catastrophic. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Jan Chapman, Morgan McMichael, Miranda Moore, David Bianco, J. Robert Paisley
Produced by: Dr. Shelley Chawla
Directed by: Rich Ambler
Written by: Chris Ryan, Shelley Chawla
Running time: 1hr 41min
Opens: Oct 19, 2008 Michigan
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