Movies: Live Fast, Die Young
Live Fast, Die Young
At an exclusive Hollywood party on Christmas Eve, an A-list star dies of an apparent overdose. A detective holds a protesting core group of Hollywood insiders for questioning. The group, consisting of an A-list director, a top agent, a movie star, a media mogul, a writer, a wannabe actress, a studio head, and others, begin a deep and profound discussion on the meaning of life, including the existence of God. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Nicole Kingston, Eric Feliciano, William Thomas Jones, Joleigh Fioreavanti, Tammy Felice
Produced by:
Directed by: Timothy A. Chey
Written by: Timothy A. Chey
Running time: 1hr 41min
Opens: Feb 27, 2009 Dayton/Columbus, OH
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