Movies: The Village Barbershop
The Village Barbershop
Art Leroldi is terminal. Terminally irritable, that is. A small-time Reno barber stuck in a rut of haircuts, hot dogs and horse books, he lives every day like a warmed-over version of the last. Hit with the unexpected death of his long-time business partner and last apparent friend, he's faced with losing the only thing in life he's got left-his 'man's man' barbershop. To keep it, he'll be forced to hire the last person on earth he'd ever want working there-a woman; More specifically, Gloria MacIntyre, a spitfire young lady who suddenly finds herself unable to take Art's 'no' for an answer. This poignant comedy tells the humorous, sweet story of a fading old man who's lost his way and a determined young woman looking to find hers. Two unlikely people offered a second chance in one unlikely place- The Village Barbershop! Rated R for language, some sexual content, nudity and drug material.
Cast: John Ratzenberger, Shelly Cole, Daron Jennings, George McRae, Cindy Pickett
Produced by: Chris J. Ford
Directed by: Chris J. Ford
Written by: Chris J. Ford
Running time: 1hr 39min
Opens: Jan 16, 2009 Limited
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