Movies: Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure
Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure
This is the story of two young web celebrities who find themselves brought to Hollywood to audition and screen test for starring roles in the next big "buddy" film. Sought out by a producer about to be kicked off the studio lot, Ryan and Sean are put through the grueling process of makeovers, massages, tanning beds, singing, dancing and action picture auditions. Familiar Ryan and Sean characters are incorporated into the story, Helga Fawntanilla, The Stalking Mangina and the "big green ball" even has a few cameo appearances. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Bobbi Billard, Ryan Click, Sean Fujiyoshi, Melvin 'Shorty' Rossi, Ryan Higa
Produced by: Derek Zemrak, Richard J. Bosner, Leonard Pirkle
Directed by: Richard Van Vleet
Written by: Brian Zemrak
Running time: 1hr 20min
Opens: Nov 14, 2008 Limited
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