Movies: The Sun's Burial (Taiyo no hakaba)
The Sun's Burial (Taiyo no hakaba)
The epidemic of juvenile delinquency in the mean streets of a Tokyo slum is depicted in this sordid story of sex and violence. The group is dwindled by suicide, murder, gang warfare and accidents as they engage in arson and gunplay. Plagued by drug and alcohol problems, the members of the gang head down the dead-end street to oblivion, despair and certain death. The film attempts at the beginning to give some semblance of a stance on morality before the depraved characters begin the inevitable downward spiral.~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Kamatari Fujiwara, Masahiko Tsugawa, Fumio Watanabe, Kayoko Honoo, Isao Sasaki
Produced by:
Directed by: Nagisa 'shima
Written by: Toshirô Ishidô, Nagisa 'shima
Running time: 1hr 27min
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