Movies: Out of Rosenheim (Bagdad Cafe)
Out of Rosenheim (Bagdad Cafe)
Drama, Comedy
This West German film is set in the California Desert. A husband-and-wife pair of Bavarian tourists become stranded when their car breaks down; after a quarrel, the wife, Marianne Sagebrecht, gathers her luggage and stalks off. She stops at the Bagdad Cafe, a fleapit truckstop run by outspoken C.C.H. Pounder, who is also having husband problems. The Cafe has become a magnet for some of truly odd character: temperamental Hispanic cook George Aguilar, tattoo artist Christine Kaufmann, and onetime Hollywood set designer Jack Palance. Despite obvious personality differences, Sagebrecht and Pounder become friends. Bagdad Cafe was later adapted into a short-lived American sitcom starring Jean Stapleton and Whoopi Goldberg.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Rated PG .
Cast: Jack Palance, Monica Calhoun, CCH Pounder, Christine Kaufmann, Marianne Sägebrecht, Marianne Sägebrecht
Produced by:
Directed by: Percy Adlon
Written by: Percy Adlon, Eleonore Adlon
Running time: 1hr 30min
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