Movies: Un minuto de silencio
Un minuto de silencio
Ernesto is laid off at the factory where he worked. He, his wife and two children are forced to move to a small cabin on a hill in the suburbs. His friend El Gordo found it for him: no electricity to pay, no water, no telephone. From his hill Ernesto can now see the city where he led a middle-class existence until recently. Ernesto and his wife struggle to keep up appearances: his children go to school, there is a library where they can borrow books, a hospital for emergencies. Now in his house on the hill Ernesto must wait until the factory reopens or until he can collect severance. Perhaps the money will be enough for a small apartment and he'll take his children to see the ocean. Ernesto is an optimist. Does he have any choice? Rated No Rating .
Cast: Antonio Dechent, Nicolás Condito, María José Gabín, Alejandra Darín, Eduardo Blanco
Produced by:
Directed by: Roberto Maiocco
Written by: Roberto Maiocco
Running time: 1hr 30min
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