Movies: From Kilimanjaro With Love
From Kilimanjaro With Love
A young woman finds a cache of letters written to her mother over the course of many years by a mysterious gentleman named Jerome. Against the advice of friends, Jenna searches out the only connection to Jerome that she can find, one Dallas Moore, an ex-roustabout and odd-jobber now living and working in the forgotten backcountry of Oregon. Dallas agrees to help Jenna, but the quest quickly turns dangerous when others with an interest in Jerome learn what Jenna is up to and head out to intercept her and convince her that the best way for her to preserve her health and happiness is to drop her interests and go home. When she doesn't listen to their advice either, things really heat up. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Trish Egan, Blake Staples, Jim Crino, James Sullivan, Lindsay Klein
Produced by: Valerie Bruce
Directed by: Robert Bruce
Written by: Robert Bruce
Running time: 1hr 55min
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