Movies: Tollbooth (1994)
Tollbooth (1994)
Twenty-year-old Doris tells her boyfriend, Jack, a tollbooth operator, that she must put their future on hold until her estranged father comes home. In an attempt to win Doris' hand in marriage, Jack sets out to find her missing parent. The years of waiting come to a shocking end when Doris' father finally emerges at the tollbooth. His long anticipated return triggers a bizarre and unpredictable series of events which change their lives forever. Rated R for a scene of strong sexuality, and for language and some gore.
Cast: Louise Fletcher, Fairuza Balk, William Katt, Lenny Von Dohlen,, Will Patton,
Produced by: Steven J. Wolfe
Directed by: Salome Breziner
Written by: Salomé Breziner
Running time: 1hr 48min
Opens: Jul 02, 1996 Limited
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