Movies: Journey to the Center of the Earth...
Journey to the Center of the Earth...
Action/Adventure, SciFi/Fantasy, Family
This adventure, based on the classic Jules Verne novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth," centers around a science professor whose untraditional hypotheses have made him the laughing stock of the academic community. But, on an expedition in Iceland, he and his nephew stumble upon a major discovery that launches them on a thrilling journey deep beneath the Earth's surface, where they travel through never-before-seen worlds and encounter a variety of unusual creatures. Rated PG for intense adventure action and some scary moments.
Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Brendan Fraser, Anita Briem, Garth Gilker, Giancarlo Caltabiano
Produced by: Beau Flynn
Directed by: Eric Brevig
Written by: Michael Weiss, Michael D. Weiss
Running time: 1hr 32min
Opens: Jul 11, 2008 Nationwide
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