Movies: Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale
Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale
Drama, Romance
Eric Landry is a cold-hearted man that people have nicknamed "the Beast." Years of anger and bitterness have consumed him, turning him into a selfish man. But, Belle Watson is the exact opposite. She's caring and kind. She works hard to help her family, often sacrificing her own wants and desires to satisfy the needs of others. When her father accidentally breaks a valuable work of art at the Landry mansion, Belle is thrust into the life of Eric Landry. Rated PG for some mild thematic events.
Cast: Lindsay Bird, Matthew Reese, Matthew Flynn Bellows`, Caitlin E.J. Meyer, Summer Naomi
Produced by: Brian Brough
Directed by: Brian Brough
Written by: Brittany Wiscombe
Running time: 1hr 33min
Opens: Mar 16, 2007 Limited
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