Movies: 12 and Holding
12 and Holding
The trio of 12-year-olds -- introverted Jacob, precocious Malee and vulnerable Leonard -- sparked by the tragic death of Jacob's twin brother, start down the path of self-discovery and begin to distinguish their own voices from those of their parents. The film enters the intricate - and often humorous world where adolescence and adulthood collide, when parents at times seem as lost as their own children. Rated R for some violence and sexual content involving minors, and for language.
Cast: Annabella Sciorra, Zoe Weizenbaum, Linus Roache, Jesse Camacho, Conor Donovan
Produced by: Michael Cuesta, Brian Bell, Leslie Urdang, Jenny Schweitzer
Directed by: Michael Cuesta
Written by: Anthony S. Sipriano
Running time: 1hr 34min
Opens: May 19, 2006 NY
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