Movies: How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer
How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer
Drama, Comedy
As sweltering summer stretches over a sun-bleached Arizona border town, Dona Genoveva, the Garcia family matriarch, decides to buy a car. The only catch is that she doesn't know how to drive. When she enlists Don Pedro's pedagogical skills, sparks begin to fly--at her house and beyond. Her daughter, Lolita, seems to have hit a dry spell until things start to sizzle at the butcher shop where she works. Meanwhile, Lolita's teenage daughter, Blanca, engineers an awakening all her own. It's as if the languid heat wave has thawed everyone's defenses and jump-started a sexual revolution. Rated R for sexual content and some language.
Cast: Steven Bauer, Ana Cervantes, David Barrera, Alek Carrera, Eliana Alexander
Produced by: Olga Arana, Georgina Riedel, Jose C. Mangual
Directed by: Georgina Garcia Riedel
Written by: Georgina Garcia Riedel
Running time: 2hr 8min
Opens: May 16, 2008 Limited
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