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Ping Pong Playa
Christopher "C-dub" Wang is a suburban guy who sports an urban swagger, waxes political on all things Asian American, and clings to pipe dreams of a career as a pro basketball player. Blaming genetics for his failure to make the NBA, C-dub lives at home, works a dead-end job, and squirms in the shadow of his older brother, Michael, a doctor and ping pong champion. When the Wang family livelihood is threatened by a rival ping pong player's attempts to lure the kids away, C-dub begins to take things more seriously. With the National Golden Cock Tournament coming up and an injured Michael unable to defend his title, C-dub must become the player he pretends to be and defend his family's ping pong dynasty. Rated PG-13 for language, including some sexual remarks and drug references.
Cast: Roger Fan, Percival Arcibal, Jimmy Tsai, Alexander Agate, Shelley Malil
Produced by:
Directed by: Jessica Yu
Written by: Jessica Yu, Jimmy Tsai
Running time: 1hr 36min
Opens: Sep 05, 2008 NY/LA/SF
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