Movies: My Favorite Season
My Favorite Season
Emilie is a 45-year-old, in a town in south-west France. She has always been loved and protected, too much so, perhaps. She seems to have everything, but inwardly knows there is something radical missing in her life. Antoine, Emile's 40 year-old brother, is a top neurologist. A confirmed bachelor, he has only one interest in life: the mystery of the human brain. Emilie and Antoine's 76 year-old mother, Bertha complains that her daughter spoils her and that her son neglects her. Emilie's 41 year-old husband, Bruno, has a discreet elegance that makes him happy to live in the shadow of Emilie. Their daughter, Anne, 19, is in her first year of law school. Lucien, the easy-going 19 year-old adopted son of Bruno and Emilie, often feels out of place in his adoptive family. Khadija, 23, she is a third generation immigrant from North Africa who makes a point of being independent. Her free and easy attitude to sex earns her more scorn than admiration. This is a story of relationships... Rated .
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