Movies: L'Enfant Lion
L'Enfant Lion
Oule (Mathurin Sinze) has always had a special rapport with animals and nature from his earliest days. As an infant, he was raised with a lion cub named Sirga, and they grew to maturity together. Now he is able to talk to the animals and trees, and they respond to his bidding. One day he and his playmate Lena (Sophie-Veronique Toue Tagbe) are captured by a desert chief, enslaved, and are being kept in a vast palace. Using his rapport with wild things, he wins freedom for himself and Lena, and even drives off a band of murderous horsemen bent on killing the inhabitants of an entire village. Throughout this children's drama, Oule demonstrates in large ways and small the benefits of his special relationship with nature.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sophie-Véronique Toué Tagbé, Souleyman Koli, Mathurin Sinze, Salif Keita, Wéré Wéré Liking, Wéré Wéré Liking
Produced by: Patrick Grandperret, Yannick Bernard
Directed by: Patrick Grandperret
Written by: René Guillot, André S. Labarthe
Running time: 1hr 26min
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